When Should You Start Up Your Sprinkler System in Kansas?

March 21, 2019

Spring is around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about starting up your sprinkler system for the upcoming season. But how do you know when is the right time to start up your system?

The Ground Should Be Thawed

Even though the temperature outside might be starting to feel like spring already, the soil underneath your lawn might not yet have thawed from the winter months. This is key because starting your sprinkler system while the ground is frozen can damage the underground pipes.

In order to test the soil to make sure it’s not still frozen, use a shovel and insert it about a foot into the ground. The soil should be malleable and not too hard to dig into. If the ground is still rock hard, you’ll need to wait another week and test the soil again before starting up your sprinkler system.

Typically the right time to start testing the ground in Kansas is in March or April, depending on how cold the ground is after winter. In years past, the second week of March has been a good time to start up a sprinkler system, but due to the mild winter it could even be sooner.

Getting Your Sprinkler System Checked Before Use

The best time to get your sprinkler system tuned up is well before you’ll need it. That way you aren’t experiencing delays when you need to water. If you wait too long to schedule a sprinkler tune up, you might be waiting due to a backlog of appointments and risk leaving your landscaping without the hydration it needs.

You might also find that your system is in need of repair, making the idea of waiting on a tune up even more risky for your lawn. Dealing with these issues early can save you headaches this season once the rain stops and you need your sprinkler system to work properly every day.