Why You Should Winterize Your Sprinkler System

November 4, 2018

Winterization, the process of removing all water from your lines and equipment, is an essential part of properly maintaining your lawn sprinkler system. Failing to do this correctly each year will eventually result in broken or cracked pipes, valves, pumps, sprinklers, fittings and costly repairs.

Winter Ground Freezing

You might think that because your sprinkler system is underground it is immune to freezing, but here in Kansas where the ground can freeze for months on end, it isn’t the case. Frost in the soil will go deeper and deeper the longer temperatures stay below freezing.

If water is left in your system when the ground freezes, it will also freeze and expand causing pipes and fittings to burst, valves to crack and pumps and sprinklers to split. This may not happen for some time – you might have gone a year or two without any damage, but eventually the parts will give out.

The process of freezing and thawing is already hard on your system, but when water isn’t removed each winter that process accelerates the life expectancy of each system component. As water cools, it contracts until it reaches 39 degrees. As it reaches 32 degrees, water will expand as it turns to ice adding stress and pressure to any system component it touches.

Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

Depending on the sprinkler system you have, there are different methods for winterizing your system. Due to the risks involved, it’s recommended that you let the professionals handle the process for you. If you’ve never winterized your system in the past or you just need your annual winterization done to your system, call the professionals here at Reddi Lawn Care today at 316-858-0736 for your free estimate. As always there is no charge for over time and we’re available any time you need us.

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