Benefits of a Sprinkler System Rain Sensor

March 20, 2023

With the unpredictable and often extreme Kansas weather, installing weather sensors on your lawn irrigation system is an easy way to make sure your yard is being water properly without wasting water.

Weather sensors can automatically prevent your sprinklers from watering during rain, heavy wind, and freezing weather. They can also help optimize watering, reducing the schedule during times when the water may evaporate.

There are several types of sensors that can be added on to your system including; rain, humidity, temperature, wind, sun, ground moisture, and water flow. By attaching sensors to your system controller, you can allow the system to automatically determine how long it should water and at the optimal times to reduce evaporation, and waste due to rain, wind, humidity and real-time soil moisture.

All-in-One Sprinkler Sensors

Some irrigation manufacturers sell all-in-one sensors that combine several sensors into a single unit. For example Hunter offers a Mini-Weather Station that includes a rain, freeze and wind sensor.

These systems are connected to your controller unit to automatically update your watering based on weather conditions.

Sprinkler Rain Sensors

How Does a Rain Sensor Work?

The most common sensor, a rain sensor, can be mounted in your yard or on your home, to monitor the amount of rainfall your lawn is receiving. It is connected to the controls of your lawn irrigation system via a wire, or wi-fi connection. The sensor tells your controller to adjust watering times automatically based on the rainfall.

Another type of sensor we install to help with proper watering is a soil moisture sensor. These devices have a probe that measures moisture within the root zone. It’s very accurate, and can similarly shut down your irrigation to prevent water waste.

Benefits of Installing a Rain Sensor


Wichita and Kansas weather is unpredictable. Manually shutting off your sprinklers every time it rains can be a hassle. Even with smart sprinkler controls on your phone, it can be difficult to remember to make the correct adjustments based on rainfall totals.

Prevent Over Watering and Water Waste

Too much water can damage your lawn. Nutrient loss, disease, shallow roots, more weeds, and an increased need for fertilizer can all occur with too much water.

Also, the soil in your yard can only absorb so much water at a time. Once the ground becomes saturated, any additional water runs off the surface. This is wasteful and can carry pollutants such as pesticides, pet waste, and fertilizer into the groundwater system.

Save Money

Running your sprinkler uses both water and electricity, but rain water is free. Running your sprinkler system only when needed will lower your utility bills. In fact, you could save as much as 45% on your summer water bill.

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