Backflow preventers ensure that water flowing from the city water supply moves in only one direction, into your home, and never in reverse. These devices create a one-way gate to stop backflow. This one-way flow of water is is important to ensure that the city water supply does not get contaminated in the event of plumbing issues.

Backflow preventers are required by most cities if you have a sprinkler system or well.

We provide:

  • Backflow testing
  • Backflow certification
  • Backflow rebuilds
  • Backflow Preventer installation and repair

Backflow Testing

Backflow preventers (aka vacuum breaker) are required on all sprinkler and irrigation systems, and must be properly installed and tested regularly.

Most cities in the Wichita area require annual testing and certification. This includes the City of Wichita, Derby, Andover, Bel Aire, Goddard, Maize and Valley Center. Check with your city for current requirements.


Backflow Preventer Requirements for South-Central Kansas

The City of Wichita – Backflow prevention devices are required, and must be installed by a certified technician. Testing is required every year, and an overhaul is required every five years, also by a certified technician.

Andover – Backflow prevention devices are required.

Bel Aire – A vacuum breaker is required on all in-ground sprinkler systems. Backflow preventer must be tested by a City of Bel Aire licensed technician before April 1st each year if the system is connected to the public water supply. System should be rebuilt/replaced every five year.

Derby – Backflow preventers are required for sprinklers connected to the drinking water supply. Testing must be done every two years. Testing and installation must be completed by a certified technician.

Goddard – Backflow prevention devices are required.

Newton – Backflow preventers are required and must be installed, repaired, or replaced by a certified technician. Testing by a certified technician is required once a year, and an overhaul is required every five years.

Valley Center – Backflow preventers are required, as well as annual testing by a certified technician. System overhauls are required every five years.

Backflow Rebuilds

We rebuild backflow preventers, which is required every few years by some municipalities.

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