Protect Your Backflow During a Freeze

March 25, 2024

Sprinkler systems that use city water are required to have a backflow preventer. Backflow devices are vulnerable to freezing because they are above ground.

If freezing temperatures are expected and you have not winterized your system, you may what to cover the device to reduce the risk of damage. Watch our video to see how to protect your backflow device.

How to Protect Your Backflow Device During Cold Snaps

  • Tightly wrap 2-3 heavy towels around the backflow.
  • Ensure the device and any above ground pipes are covered.
  • Secure the towels so they remain tight.
  • Cover the device and towels with a wind-proof object such as a trash can, bucket, tarp or heavy trash bag(s). Make sure the covering goes all the way to the ground.

This technique is not a long-term solution. You should winterize your system every winter. This method of protection can help during temporary temperature drops, until you have time to have the system winterized.