Free Estimates for Sprinkler Systems

We specialize in residential and commercial sprinkler system installation in the Wichita, KS area.

Our installation experts will ensure your system is designed give your lawn proper water coverage, without wasting water. Proper water pressure, correct sprinkler head selection, and thoughtful head placement is key to an efficient system. If you want a lush green lawn this season, get in touch for a free estimate.

Installation Services Include:

  • Sprinkler Systems Installation
  • System Re-Designs
  • Commercial Sprinklers
  • Rain Sensor Installation
  • Weather Monitors
  • Smart Phone Controllers
  • Wi-Fi Timers
  • Garden Irrigation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • And More

A new sprinkler systems provides efficient, cost-effective watering, designed to keep your lawn, garden and landscaping healthy and green. If your home or business needs a new sprinkler system installed, you can trust Reddi’s highly experienced technicians to get the job done right. We’ve installed irrigation systems for hundreds of Wichita area homeowners and businesses. We also maintain sprinkler systems for many homeowners and businesses.

Call to Schedule an Estimate:

Reddi provides solutions for both residential and commercial lawns and landscapes. We also provide startups, winterizations, and repairs.

Smart Phone Sprinkler Controllers

In addition to complete sprinkler installations, we also offer upgrades, such as new control boxes, new heads, valve boxes, and more.

Modern sprinkler controls offer new features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity and smart-phone controls that allow you to adjust your systems from any location. Smart controllers allow to you to easily turn off the system if you are away, and many have features that include weather/rain monitoring, automated adjustments for weather forecasts. Give us a call to learn more about smart sprinkler controllers.

Rain Sensors for Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems equipped with rain sensors and weather stations will keep your water usage to a minimum. They can automatically adapt to rainfall and the weather forecast.

These control stations monitor current weather conditions and control whether the irrigation system runs or not. If there’s rain in the forecast, or enough rain has fallen on your yard, your system will adjust its watering schedule automatically. Giving your system added intelligence helps reduce water waste, and your budget.

Sprinker System Diagram