Why Do My Sprinkler Heads Stay Up?

June 5, 2018

It is not uncommon for a sprinkler head to get stuck in the raised position after they’ve finished watering.

The fix can be as simple as rinsing off the nozzle or as complicated as replacing heads. If you have a stuck sprinkler head that refuses to retract, the following steps can help you diagnose the problem.

1. Check to see if there’s debris in the sprinkler head.

Dirt and debris can prevent the riser from sliding back down into the sprinkler body. Some common types of debris include: grass, soil, leaves, seeds and tree needles.

If you see an obstruction, simply remove the debris with a brush, air or water and lightly tap the top of the head to encourage it to retract.

If your sprinkler collects debris repeatedly, there may be an issue with the head’s placement or height. If the head is sunk too deep in the ground, or in an area with lots of run-off, consider moving or adjusting the head.

2. Inspect the sprinkler for damage.

Cracks, loose parts, and bent heads may not retract correctly. Check your heads for an signs of wear and damage. Sometimes simple adjustments, or tightening can fix this problem. Cracked sprinklers, or very old parts may require you to replace the entire head.

3. Consider the age of your sprinkler system.

Remember that as an exposed outdoor system, your sprinklers take a beating from Mother Nature. Sun, snow, wind, drought, heat and cold are all harsh on your irrigation system.

As your sprinklers age, certain parts can wear down and stop functioning properly. Depending on the age of the system, you may be able to replace some worn out parts; however, often it’s easier and equally expensive to replace the entire sprinkler head in many cases.

If you’ve tried these basic steps, and you still can’t get your sprinkler heads to retract, it’s probably time to call in a professional.

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