3 Tips for Watering Your Lawn in the Kansas Wind

August 24, 2018

Kansas summers leave our lawns hot and thirsty. Plenty of water is required to keep everything green and healthy through the driest time of the year. But when you live in one of the windiest states in the country, how do you avoid watering your house, the street, and even the neighbor’s yard every time there’s a gust? Reduce wasting water in the wind with these 3 tips.

Water in the Morning

The morning is the best time of day to give your dry yard a drink. Wind usually increases as the sun heats the Earth’s surface and warms the lowest part of the atmosphere first. This causes the warm air to rise and mix in the atmosphere. In the morning, lower atmospheric air is cooler and that air mixing doesn’t occur (there are exceptions to this like storms, fronts, etc.).

Install an Irrigation System

An irrigation (or sprinkler) system is great for regulating water usage on windy days. A professionally installed system will help you apply the minimum amount of water that’s required exactly where it’s needed.

When installing an irrigation system in a windy area, it’s important to consider the type of sprinkler heads that will be used. Sprinklers that spray water into the air are not recommended, especially if the water droplets are very fine. Drip systems, subsurface drip systems, and bubblers are excellent options for getting the most efficiency out of your irrigation system. These types of systems distribute water at the soil level, which makes it difficult for the wind to have an effect.

Plan Landscape

If you use sprinklers, a strategically landscaped lawn is another way to control your water usage in the wind. Keep your lawn away from houses, buildings, sidewalks, and roads (or anything else that you don’t need to water) by planting shrubs or gardens in between. Wind-blown water from the lawn will get put to use at these borders instead of being wasted. Install drip systems in the shrubs or gardens to ensure they receive enough water in addition to any overspray.

Watering your lawn in the Kansas wind can be a tricky task, especially if you’re trying to be conservative with your water consumption. Irrigation systems may seem expensive, but when the long-term savings is evaluated, they can be a very rewarding investment.

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